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Visitor Information and
Cemetery Rules

Thank you for visiting the Gussettville Cemetery. Please read below for cemetery rules. By entering the property, you agree to be bound by the legal terms and conditions found below in Section 6.

For information regarding Gussettville Cemetery, please contact one of the following:
Rodney Nance (361) 449-7650 Grounds Manager
Dee Rosebrock (361) 354-9627 Grounds Crew
Willie James (361) 449-6177 Grounds Crew


For the purpose of these rules “management” shall be defined as the President of the Gussettville Cemetery Association and/or the chairperson of the Grounds Committee.


Section 1.  Supervision of Activities: Cemetery management must be contacted before any work begins in the cemetery.  A plot location must be verified and approved prior to a grave being excavated.


Section 2.  Headstones and Bases: A picture, sketch, or drawing of all headstones, including inscriptions, must be approved by management prior to being constructed.  These may be emailed to for review.


All headstones shall be placed on a concrete base at least six (6) inches thick, installed flush with the ground and reinforced with steel at least ⅜” in diameter on no more than six (6) inch centers, with perimeter footing (also steel reinforced) at least eight (8) inches deep by six (6) inches wide.  Reinforcing steel of at least ½” in diameter shall be driven in each corner of the base and along the perimeter footing at intervals no greater than two (2) feet, to a depth of at least six (6) inches below the bottom of the footing.  Base dimensions must be at least as large as those of the headstone that will be placed upon it.


Headstones and bases must lie entirely within the boundaries of the plot.  Single or double headstones may be used.  Single headstones shall be no more than 36 inches wide and double headstones shall be no more than 72 inches wide.  No new headstones may be placed that are greater than 36 inches high. Footstones, if installed, must be flush with the ground so as not to interfere with mowing.


Installations that do not meet these requirements are subject to being replaced at the expense of the plot owner(s) or their family.  Family members shall ensure that headstone design and base construction are reviewed and approved by management prior to commencement of any work.  


Section 3.  Grave or Plot Borders:  No curbing, borders, or cradles may be added to any existing grave nor to any new graves in the future.  This is to reduce time and cost of maintenance.  Borders already in place shall be grandfathered and shall remain in place as long as they do not deteriorate to the point of becoming a safety hazard, as determined by management.


Section 4.  Interment Restrictions and Cremated Remains: Each gravesite shall be for one (1) casket interment only.  One (1) additional interment of cremated remains or of infant remains may be added to a gravesite containing a casket interment.  Alternatively, a maximum of two (2) cremated remains may be interred in a single grave site without any other interment burials.  Should cremated remains be the first 

interment in a grave the urn must be contained within an urn vault.  The cremated remains, inside a vault, may be temporarily disinterred prior to a casket burial and then reinterred above the casket.  Cremated remains are not to be disbursed above ground anywhere in the cemetery.


Section 5.  Floral Arrangements and Landscaping: Floral and other arrangements left on fresh graves shall be removed by the family no later than two (2) weeks after burial.  After this time any burial arrangements remaining on the grave will be removed by management.


Special holiday arrangements for Easter, All Souls Day, and Christmas are allowed from thirty (30) days before until thirty (30) days after the holiday.  Any floral arrangement will be removed by management when they become wilted, faded, discolored, or otherwise deteriorated or unsightly.


Any arrangements or other items left on graves that are not in keeping with the sanctity and dignity of a cemetery will be removed by management.  Benches, chairs or other outdoor seating that has deteriorated will be removed.  In addition, management reserves the right to remove or relocate benches or other items that encroach upon neighboring graves.  


Until further notice, please do not plant any trees or shrubs in the cemetery without prior permission of management.  In general, trees or shrubs are not to be planted directly on a burial site.  Trees or shrubs that are either planted or found growing wild directly upon a burial site will be removed by management.  The location of any trees planted elsewhere in the cemetery must be approved by management prior to planting.  


Please be mindful of the time and effort required to mow the cemetery and make every effort to keep plots free of unnecessary clutter that may interfere with routine maintenance. Unsecured arrangements of any kind will be removed and discarded prior to mowing.  Please help us keep our cemetery clean!


Section 6.  Liability Disclaimer: The Gussettville Cemetery Association shall take reasonable precautions to protect plots, headstones, etc. from loss or damage.  However, neither the association nor members of the Board of Directors are responsible for any loss or damages beyond our control that occur in or near the cemetery, including but not limited to those caused by weather or other Acts of God, war, thieves, vandals, livestock, or wildlife.


All persons entering the cemetery do so at their own risk.  This includes but is not limited to members of the association, plot owners, family members, visitors, contractors, and maintenance personnel, whether volunteer or for hire.  The Gussettville Cemetery Association and the members of the Board of Directors expressly disclaim any and all liability for any injuries sustained by anyone visiting or working in the cemetery.  This provision also includes any incidents that occur in the immediate vicinity of the cemetery, including on any public or private road bordering the cemetery.   


Adopted September 16, 2023

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