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Purchase Your Copy of Texas Roots

Texas Roots was written by Margaret Goynes Olson. Long before the internet or computers, Margaret, being next to the youngest of 9 living children, understood that her aging parents and elder’s memories of the past would be forever forgotten if they were just spoken and not put in writing. So, Margaret spent her lifetime doing just that. She mined the memories of her grandmother Lewis’ sister, Aunt Rooney Mae McKinney, who had a talent for remembering names, dates and stories and a long list of others Margaret thanked by name in TEXAS ROOTS fortunate to have the history which would be forever forgotten without Margaret’s selfless tenacity in the days when records were kept by hand or not at all.

 Margaret's husband, John Olson, and her daughter Lena have donated all remaining copies of Texas Roots to the Gussettville Cemetery Association Endowment Fund in memory of Mrs. Olson. These books will be sold by the association and all proceeds deposited into the Endowment Fund, helping to finance the perpetual care and maintenance of Gussettville Cemetery.


Please join us in thanking Mrs. Olson’s family for this generous and thoughtful donation. 

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