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Will of Darby Fox

The state of Texas

County of San Patricio }}

Know all men by these presents that I Darby Fox do will and bequeath unto and forever defend against all persons whomsoever my right and title to all the property that I possess unto the following persons. I being in sound judgment and mind, viz:

I bequeath to Mulloy (Mullies) Chapel $20.00. Second, Ballack (Ballagh) chapel $10,00. Third, Father Pat. Raynor (Trainor) $50.00. Fourth, to my uncle Francis Fox $20.00. 5th, my brother Frank Fox $20.00. 6th, Mrs. Cenbray $9.50. 7th, Patrick Feely $10.00. 8th, my brother John’s children $60.00. 9th, my sister Nelly 3 cows and calves and 2 steers. 10th, my sister’s son Michael Dolan and my brother’s son Michael Fox one hundred acres of land each. They are to pay the debts of the same. 11th, my sister Polly my house until such time as Mrs. Delmater shall settle with her or until such time as may be by the saying of any two men.

And I leave my brother Patrick to attend to the settlement of the house, also 3 cows and calves to my sister Polly. 12th, My sister Margaret 3 cows and calves. 13th, I will and bequeath my sister Bridget 3 cows and calves. 14th, My brother’s son Patt. Fox $20.00. 15, John Fox 3 yearling heifers and 3 yearling steers best horse that I own with the little cart that I got fixed. 16th, Mrs. Nicholas $8.00 also a yearling heifer.

17th, My brother Patrick Fox the remainder of my property. He is to pay my debt and give me a good burial. Also $20.00 to the first church that may be built within the County of San Patricio from Corpus Christi bay unto the house of Mrs. Pugh & $10.00 to the clergy.

I also appoint my brother Patrick Fox as my executor to probate this my last will and testament. And I do further order that it shall not be entered into any Court whatsoever after probation which I do forever debarr – Codicil – I require that Michael Dolan & Michael Fox give unto my Sister Polly one acre & a half each out of their portion forever.

I do hereby give notice that all former wills that has been made or pretended to be made heretofore by me is hereby rendered null and void forever.


B.F. Macomber (McCumber)

Wm. Sheppard

John Fox

Bernard Gallagher

Darby (x his mark) Fox

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